Saturday, August 20, 2011

Look ma - no tubes, 6 lbs and more

Again sorry for the delay. Ella has jumped leaps and bounds in the last couple weeks since the last update. She was taken off of her HiFlo machine (extra pressure for breathing) a couple of weeks ago and is doing well with her oxygenation, etc. She ripped her own feeding tube out about a week ago ("enough of that," she says) and has been bottle feeding regularly. This is a bit of a struggle as when she's sleepy (most of the time) she wants NOTHING to do with the bottle. She is up to 6 lbs 1 ounce and is in her newborn outfits. Although it is taken day by day, word on the street is that she will be coming home this week. So exciting!!!!

Words will never suffice for the thanks I have to God, the medical professionals of AMC NICU, and my family and friends for your prayers, hope, and care.

Sweet baby 8/15/11

Ella and Daddy
Ella's temporary digs until she has her own room

Just Amazing!!

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