Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7, 2011

Ella continues to be quite active, wiggle around, and get herself into some very interesting positions! Recently, I have heard she kicks herself in the head or looks as if she is trying to somersault. She stretches and moves all over, and one of the nurses likes to say she's saying "kiss my feet" and she kicks them up to whoever is entering her incubator.
She was taken off of the oscillator machine that she had been on since birth, this past Saturday. She then went on the conventional ventilator. Since the tubing for this machine is more flexible, that allowed me to be able to hold her. We spent over an hour together on Saturday doing that and she did very well. On Sunday, Miss Ella decided to pull her breathing tube out. We have been told by the practitioners in the NICU that when a baby does this, they will give them a trial with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), this requires the baby to have to do more work and breathing on their own. She did ok for a few days with this but was re-intubated this afternoon, due to increasing apnea spells. We were told this most likely would happen, as she probably wasn't quite ready for it yet, due to her small size, but they wanted to give her a try. The longer they are on it the better - so kudos to Miss Ella for doing it for 48 hours kiddo. Now all her energy can be focused on growing. Goal coming up 2 lbs!
She continues to open her eyes and is such a little sweetheart. Grant had his first experience holding her on Saturday night. Daddy and Ella had some bonding then, as they made eye contact and she smiled. If she hadn't already stolen his heart, it was official then!
We love our little peanut. I will try to update as often as I can now that I have started this, as there are so many changes taking place everyday.
Also, I have had the blessing of meeting 2 sweet little girls awaiting heart surgery, while staying at Ronald McDonald House. Their families have amazing generous faith, and have asked and prayed for our family. I ask everyone to pray for them, the girls will have their surgeries this week, Wednesday and Thursday.
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